An Introduction To Sous Vide Cooking In The Home

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If youconsider yourself a bit of a keen chef of food fanatic, then sous vide may not be an unfamiliar term to you.

The method of sous vide cooking allows you to bring fine dining to your home and has been popularly used by top chefs for a number of years.

However today, more and more people are converting to using this fantastic method of cooking to help bring top notch food into the home without having to have acquired the expertise of a professional chef beforehand!

Introduction To Sous Vide Cooking

Although sous vide may sound like a relatively recent way of cooking, you only need to take a look back through history to see that our ancestors have been preserving and cooking food in sealed packages for a very long time.

Whether the food has been wrapped in leaves, packed in salt or places in pots of fat, the idea of keeping food isolated from air can help prevent foods drying out and decaying is ancient.

If you are wanting to know about how you can help bring Michelin star dining into your home, then take a trip into the world of sous vide cooking and find out what all of the fuss is about, as you learn more on how this brilliant style of cooking can transform your food.

Introduction To Sous Vide Cooking

What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is a French term which translates as ‘under-vacuum’ and is a particular method of cooking food involving heating food to the correct temperature and for the right amount of time so that the food becomes tender and does not lose its original colour, nutrients and texture.

To achieve this, food is sealed in specially vacuumed pouches which are then heated at the correct temperature and for the right amount of time to produce tasty results.

Although the sous vide method means vacuuming and sealing food, the most important element of this cooking style is the accurate control of temperature which this method emphasises.

What is Sous Vide

Whereas traditional cooking methods such as a grill or oven uses extremely high and inconsistent temperatures, this means that you have to be watchful of the clock so as not to overcook and ruin the food.

Sous vide is a particularly effective method of cooking meat and fish to ensure for a tasty and tender result. Check out Lifehacker’s tips on cooking beautifully tender and flavoured meat using sous vide here.

Howevermany other types of food are can be prepared using this style of cooking including, eggs, vegetables, fruits, cakes, cheese, yoghurt – the list is endless!

What are the advantages?

If sous vide cooking can produce deliciously tasting food then you’re probably well on your way to being sold on the idea of how this method could benefit your home cooking, however the advantages of this style of cooking don’t stop here that’s for sure!

As already mentioned, the method of sous vide means that the risk of you over cooking and spoiling is lessened quite significantly.

sous vide cooking can produce

As the food is being cooked at the correct temperature, the food you are cooking won’t ruin if left cooking for a few extra minutes, meaning that you can be more relaxed, but also flexible whilst cooking.

Another benefit of sous vide cooking is that if you are seasoning or a marinating food, whereas in conventional cooking you would have to use a larger amount of seasoning to ensure that the food is properly flavoured, sous vide means that a smaller amount of seasoning or marinade can still achieve delicious and flavoursome results.

Sous vide is also a very popular style of cooking, not only for the tasty food it produces, but the sous vide method actually preserves nutritional qualities within the food that conventional cooking might not be able to guarantee due to a higher heat being used or water washing away the nutrients.

Sous vide is also a very popular

These are just a handful of the advantages that cooking using sous vide can bring to the table, however if you want to take a closer look into why sous vide could be a tastier, easier and healthier style of cooking for you, then make sure you take a look at Sous Vide Tools interesting and useful guide to bringing Michelin star dining into your home!

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