Can a Commercial Vacuum Sealer Improve Your Cooking?

Published On September 19, 2016 | By Darion Nicolas | Food

If there was ever a holy grail for cooks, it has to be to find the perfect tool that will always make their cooking just a little bit better. It might be that favorite knife that cuts everything like it was effortless. It could be the whisk that is designed perfectly for your hand. Every cook has their one tool that they swear they could not cook as efficiently or perhaps even as proficiently if they didn’t have it sitting in their kitchen.

While the tools we named above are all fine, and in fact are probably the kind of tool most cooks will name when asked what their one indispensable tool is for cooking, there is one other type of implement that they probably use but don’t stop to consider how important it is for daily perfect results. This is the commercial vacuum sealer that makes cooking sous vide so much easier. So why is it so important for this particular type of cooking and what makes sous vide a technique any chef worth their salt wants to include in their repertoire?

The Beauty of Cooking Sous Vide Style

While every cook loves to use heat in various forms to cook their meals to perfection, it has one big problem. When you address heat to a nice juicy piece of meat in a traditional way, such as an oven, it does cook but it also dries it out. Yes, you can use marinades to infuse that meat with extra moisture beore popping it in the oven.

You can baste it on a regular basis as it cooks to ensure it stays moist throughout the cooking operation. But in the end you will always lose a bit of that precious moisture that makes the meat so delicious. When you use the Sous Vide approach to cooking, you side step this entire problem. It all lies in the preparation and the tools. That is where the commercial vacuum sealer comes into play.

Because this method of cooking involves placing the food to be cooked in a plastic bag that has been sealed without any oxygen in the bag, the vacuum sealer does the trick perfectly. Once that is done, the bagged food is placed in water that maintains a specific temperature. The food is cooked slowly, and the water ensures it is all cooked evenly.

Commercial Vacuum Sealers Ensure Even Heat

The beauty of this particular method of cooking is that you can cook large amounts of a specific dish and be ensured that it will turn out right once the temperature and time has been determined. The very nature of the hot water enveloping the sealed bag ensures that the heat is received evenly and thoroughly, while the food is slow cooked to ensure the best possible retention of all its flavor.

While the sealer may not actually be involved with the cooking, it is an integral tool to the process of cooking in the sous vide style. You can seal with another tool, but not as easily, as quickly or in a way that so thoroughly guarantees the seal is done perfectly each time. Since the sealing out of oxygen is key to achieving the end results in this technique, skimping on this step can end up being costly. This is what makes it the key to perfect cooking every time.

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