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Published On June 27, 2015 | By Darion Nicolas | Cooking

We went for pizza with a few buddies a week ago not to mention we’d 1 / 2 of our pizza remaining. For supper the following day I heated the leftover pizza within the microwave using the Miracle Crisp tray. Exactly what a difference it can make! Previously emerge limp and didn’t prepare evenly. With Miracle Crisp it had been crispy at the base and evenly cooked on the top. I have attempted heating pizza on the top from the stove, with mixed success (sometimes I burned the underside prior to the top was heated through). This really is a lot better.

Use Miracle Crisp For:



Seafood Stays

Comes (crispy outdoors, soft inside)


Chicken Tenders

Fries and Onion Rings

How It Operates

The Miracle Crisp microwave tray has side rails the food sits on. This enables the environment to flow under and round the food therefore it will get the crispy texture which has been missing with microwaved food. The side rails are greater than formerly offered trays, therefore it really does what it really states do. And also the elevated rim from the tray can also be greater, so it’s not necessary to be worried about sausage or any other grease spilling within the microwave, or in order to the sink.

The truth that the side rails are greater keeps moisture from accumulating underneath the meals, that is one more reason the Miracle Crisp works very well. I learned a very long time ago to not reheat comes within the microwave previously ruin the feel, which makes them either too tough and soft or rock solid. My spouse and i love comes and homemade jam, but may when I am making supper I simply don’t consider comes over time to warmth them within the oven. Now we are able to have hot, tender, crispy comes once we want. This may be a poor factor for the weight, but at our age we do not care just as much.

Using the grandchildren near by I finish up babysitting a great deal, I have used the Miracle Crisp several occasions for his or her faves: quesadillas and chicken tenders. They are available out much like they are doing whenever we eat at restaurants. Because the children don’t always like exactly what the grown ups are getting for lunch, it’s nice to get the tenders or quesadillas or seafood stays while I am out earlier within the day, then reheat in the last second as I am obtaining the adult meals up for grabs.

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