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Published On July 6, 2016 | By Darion Nicolas | Food

Beer has always had a place in people’s hearts. It has been brewed in different forms just about everywhere in the world. The indigenous Native Americans brewed beer using corn, which was native to the United States. The ancient Germanic people used barley because it grew on their farms. That is the type of beer that grew to national prominence, and there is still a serious love for the beer brewed by people who descended from those Germanic people. Heineken is one such beer.


Heineken was originally a different brewery operating in the Netherlands during the first half of the nineteenth century. An aspiring brewer convinced his mother to buy the brewery which was producing a beer that was very popular among the working-class Dutch. Once he owned the company, he went to work developing a strain of yeast that would produce the light, crisp flavour that he was seeking. That yeast was eventually called Heineken-A, which gave rise to a new beer from the brewery. It has been largely unchanged since the 1870s. That’s the kind of longevity that signifies a high-quality beer that stands the test of time. It is so popular that it is almost instantly recognisable; everyone notices the green bottle and the red star. When you go online to buy your big size Heineken beer available in Singapore, keep in mind that it all started with the yeast.

The Yeast

Yeast is a very small microbe that is present just about everywhere. It is what turns sugar into alcohol and what makes bread rise. Yeast is an organism that feeds on sugar. It ingests sugar for energy and expels alcohol and carbon dioxide as waste. This carbon dioxide is what makes bread rise; it’s also what helps to make beer carbonated. Since yeast expels the alcohol and some of the yeast remains behind in the finished product, it affects the flavour of the beer. If you want to have a great beer, you have to have a great yeast. Because of the importance of yeast to the taste of a beer, companies jealously guard their strains and work tirelessly to ensure that they don’t change.

Beer Online

Buy It Online

Beer seems like the kind of thing that you should buy in a brick and mortar store, but that’s not so. You should buy your beer online; an online seller will be able to sell you beer at a much lower price. Brick and mortar stores have overhead costs such as rent, power bills, sales staff, and so on. To pay off all of these bills and still turn a profit, brick and mortar stores have to raise the price of their beer.  An online retailer has none of these costs, so they’re able to sell you beer at a much better price. Furthermore, you don’t even have to leave your house. If you can’t or just don’t want to go out to the market, a great online retailer is indispensable.

Find a good retailer for your beer and you’ll never overpay again.

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